Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Multi User Password Authentications Project Using Visual Basic

To know existing textual password procedure and to implement new project called multi user password authentication application, to correctly test its security features by differentiating it with existing textual and alphanumerical password scheme. This project will provide better security for users who work on unsecured networks and Internet.
As there is large increase in usage of internet in our daily life there is lot of scope for developing applications that will provide better security for users. We had came across lot of application which provide security for virus…etc but there are very few applications available for authentication hacking like hacking passwords for emails, bank accounts etc. Present authentication system does not provide 100% of security for password protection. There are many online courses available for hacking passwords so there is necessity for developing a application which will provide security for passwords. In order to solve this problem researches had come out with new advanced method called multiple password techniques which will increase password security. Now a day’s many banks, email providers are using this technique for providing better services. Researches state that internet users maintain same password for different account due to password remembering problem which is one of the main reasons for easy hacking. In order to overcome this problem Graphical password techniques are introduced using this method image is used as password which is more secure compare to textual password.
Though there are few draw backs on graphical password technique like if any one observes you while entering password it will be very easy to hack your password. So there is lot of challenge involved in developing this application on Human computer interaction and security communities.
This application can overcome basic hacking techniques like dictionary attack, key-loggers and social engineering, shoulder surfing, hidden camera and spy ware attacks.

System specifications for Multi User Password Authentication Project 

Hardware Specification
Platform          : Windows 2000 Professional
System            : Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
Ram               : 512MB
Hard disk         : 80GB
Platform             : Windows 2000 Professional
System               : Pentium IV 2.8 GHz
Ram                  : 256MB
Hard disk            : 40GB
Software Specification 
Operating System                   :Windows XP/Professional
Language                           :VB.NET
Back End                           :SQL SERVER
For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for free of cost.
Download Project report  of Multi User Password Authentication Project using visual basic.

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